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Welcome to KPW Soccer's Website!

Fall registration will open July 1, 2022 and closes August 14, 2022. All registrations after the closing date will only be accepted if space is available.  There will also be a $10 late registration fee applied.

The Fall season will run from September 10, 2022 - November 5, 2022. 7 Games and 1 Scrimmage will be played on Saturdays. All games and practices are held at Lakeside Park located off Pommeroy Drive.  In the event of inclement weather, makeup games will be played 8 days and 2 hours later than originally scheduled games. (Sunday)  

We will be hosting a free coaches and referees clinic at Lakeside Park on Sun. August 21th at 12:00 pm, everyone is invited and encouraged to attend (parents, sibling teenagers, neighbors, etc.). We are always in need of additional coaches and referees.  No experience is needed, these clinics will give you the skills needed to be a coach and how to referee. High School students are welcome and encouraged to do both.

KPW Soccer is $65 for the season.  This includes uniform and awards. Parents are expected to provide cleats and shinguards.  All volunteer coaches will receive 50% off one child's registration fee for each team they coach.  Coordinators and Referees who volunteer will also receive 50% off one child’s registration.  

Team pictures will be on September 24, 2022.

MISSION: The purpose of the Kings Park West Soccer Club is to teach boys and girls the skills required to play soccer; to supervise and promote development; to improve and enhance the overall quality of soccer; and to provide a medium for fun and fellowship. The Kings Park West Soccer Club is a nonprofit organization and relies heavily on volunteers to keep the cost per child to a minimum. All parents are asked to contribute in any way possible.

LEAGUES: Seniors, Juniors and Pee Wees have a one hour practice weekly starting the week before the first games. Times are decided by the coaches. Generally, Seniors are 4th through 6th grade.  Juniors are 2nd and 3rd graders.  Pee Wees are Kindergarteners and 1st graders.  Mini-mes are preschool age children older than 3 1/2.  Mini-Mes only practice on Saturdays at the same time every week. 

COORDINATORS, COACHES AND REFEREES: All of the coordinators, coaches and referees in this league are volunteers. We appreciate their effort and commitment to our children and the sport.  We are always in need of coaches and referees to volunteer. To volunteer, sign in, or open an account, register, fill out the form and check the box to coach, assistant coach or referee. All volunteer coaches will receive 50% off one child's registration fee for each team they coach.  Coordinators and Referees who volunteer will also receive 50% off one child’s registration.  

PRACTICES: Practice days are prearranged at the beginning of the season. It will be the responsibility of each coach to arrange make up practices. Four hours of practice are allowed prior to the first game (time permitting); after the first game, only one to one and a half hours of practice are allowed each week.

PLAYER ASSIGNMENT POLICY: At the beginning of each season, teams are formed by the division commissioners using these general guidelines: brothers and sisters on the same team, equal number of boys and girls on each team, equal number of older and experienced players on each team, and based on coaching assignments. Special requests will be considered for extreme needs and not simply to make sure a certain player plays with a certain friend. Individual considerations will be approved by the league commissioner only working with the division commissioners.

Game and Practice Cancelations: Fairfax County controls field closures during the week. Coaches will email players for week day (practice) cancelations after 3:00 and you can also go to Fairfax County website for field closures (https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/athletic-fields) The League Commissioner cancels game day (Saturday) games before 8:00 am. Games are canceled because of field conditions not necessarily weather conditions. 

REFUNDS: Registration fees, LESS THE $5 ADMINISTRATION CHARGE, will be refunded until the beginning the first day of the practice.

AWARDS: Pee Wees and Mini Mes will receive a KPW Soccer medal.  Juniors and Seniors will receive a signature Tee-Shirt.

KPW Soccer Titles: Kevin Hough (League Commissioner),  David Fick (Incoming League Commissioner), Ken Keane (Player Coordinator), Richard King (Vice President, Director), Jimmy Nguyen (Field Coordinators), Ben Mallett (Equipment Coordinator).

For questions/comments please email kpwsoccer@hotmail.com

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